Reassess and Reset

I don’t know about you, but when this whole COVID19 thing happened a lot of my routines went out the window. Waking up at 4:30am ended, working out three times a week stopped, going to morning mass was no longer an option. We all were faced with a new situation (like homeschooling) and we adapted. Now, I am looking around at the situation and realizing our family is no longer in crisis mode. 

I think it is time to reassess and reset. 

Habits are absolutely foundational. Some folks have said that you are the culmination of your habits. I am definitely a creature of habit and when they get thrown off I am not a happy camper. Thankfully, I can be flexible during times of crisis and adapt. Now that crisis mode has ended (at least for our family) I am coming out on the other side wondering how to reassess our current situation and hit reset on the things that got pushed aside. Inevitably, new habits were created during this pandemic season. As in most crisis situations the adaptation of new habits is acceptable during crisis mode. However, when the crisis is over we need to take the time to reassess where we are and see if this is still the right path to follow. If not then we need to reset.  

I had a concrete goals that I set for this year that are currently on hold. I read those goals every morning when I get downstairs to pray. The words on the page glare at me almost in a taunting way. There are a few of those goals that I still can’t accomplish due to the shutdown. However, the majority of them I could have done during the initial onset of the crisis and I most certainly can do them right now. The question that I keep asking myself is, “why did I stop following these goals in the first place? And why haven’t I started again?” There are many reasons/excuses I can give, but what is the point of that? We only have today. This moment. Now. To move forward. So I am. 

What does reassessing and reseting look like? I’ll give you some examples I’ve been pondering:


    • I don’t think I ever want to work onsite at a job for more than 3 days a week. I will focus my future job choices on places that will allow that to happen. 
    • I need to have better emergency response strategies for the family in all aspects. 
    • I want our family to continue going on walks after dinner (weather permitting). 
    • Being outdoors is a must everyday (weather permitting).
    • Homeschooling the kids full time. 


    • Exercise needs to happen. The time of day can vary but it has to happen.
    • Family time must be an absolute priority throughout the day. Not part of the day, or a “to do” on my checklist.  
    • Screen time is going way down for me. I realize more and more that I hate social media and most unnecessary tech. Live and in person is my favorite. 
    • Reading for fun and self improvement needs to re-enter.

Your list might look something like the above or completely different. My hope and challenge for you guys is to take a look at all that you have experienced during this crazy COVID19 season. Reassess all you are currently doing, and hit reset on those things that need to start up again. 

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