Leo Chavarria is a new dad who has been blown away by the beauty, mystery and joy that  being a father entails. Leo is married to his beautiful wife, Jess and is father to Claire and Cecilia. Join him in this journey of discovering fatherhood.

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  1. Hey Leo! Jon from Bad Catholic Dads here. We’re a podcast based in the DC area and my wife Fatima passed your info/blog to me. Anyway, I (along with my good friend, Derek Rogers – you may know him! DYM at Our Lady Council) of Good creating a podcast/community of fellow catholic dads (all vocations welcome too) that just shows how awesome, crazy, and authentic Catholic fatherhood is.

    Was wondering if you’d be interested in appearing on an episode. Hit us up at BadCatholicDads@gmail.com. We’d love to set something up.

    – Jon from BCD

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